How To: Pan for Gold! Gold Panning 101

Gold Panning 101 is a free tutorial series brought to you by Trade Nation that will teach you the proper techniques and tools modern gold panning enthusiasts prefer! So if you love shiny gold nuggets in the palm of your hand, then gold panning will be an extremely rewarding hobby for you if you follow today’s lesson in Gold Panning:


Q:   “Isn’t modern Gold Panning difficult and expensive? Besides a gold pan, won’t I need a metal detector, a sluicer, a classifier, and a rocker box?

A: What? No! Why? Humans have mined gold for thousands of years before the wheel or sliced bread. It’s actually very simple to properly pan for gold. That equipment certainly does make it easier to process larger volumes of dirt, but it is not necessary at all to produce results.

It’s really quite simple.

You see, Gold is heavy…

Everything heavier than gold will rise to the top during any gold panning technique. However, different techniques are better than others!
Everything heavier than gold will rise to the top during panning techniques. Different techniques are better than others!

… and heavy things sink, whether it’s a stone thrown in the river or gold nuggets in your pan full of dirt, physics and gravity won’t see the difference (but you will!).

And after some patient work applying proper gold panning techniques, hopefully you’ll see some colors, flakes, and nuggets at the bottom! After all of your pay dirt has been properly gold panned, you’ll want confidence that nothing slipped by you.

There’s a ton of techniques out there, and a ton more opinions about them, however only three things matter to leaving the gold in your pan: the tip, the tap, and the swirl.

This one is demonstrably proven to be the most efficient technique for any serious enthusiast. Click to play the video below for a step-by-step demonstration of proper gold panning technique and see it for yourself!



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